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Man I just turned on my phone because I remebered I got free minutes this month and it wont turn on because JOSH let Bently play with it and he broke it!

Fuck it

Emma vs. Preacher

  • Emma: The phone cut out can I talk to Josh.
  • Preacher: This is his boss.
  • Emma: I don't give a fuck let me talk to Josh.
  • Preacher: *gasp* What did you say?
  • Emma: .... I don't... Give a FUCK! Let me talk to Josh.
  • Preacher: The devil is in you! May Jesus have mercy on your soul (no one rally knows what he said but it was along those lines)
  • Emma: I am the fuckin' Devil, now let me talk to Josh.
  • Preacher: *Hangs up*
  • Emma: *Calls back and says in a demonic voice* This is the Devil let me talk to Josh.
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Haha, look what I found!

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